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Milano is universally known as Italy’s financial capital, in addition to being the reference point for global fashion and design. And not only, Milan is a city full of surprises, capable of constant self-regeneration thanks to its unrelenting strive towards the future. Of Celtic foundation, it has a glorious past even if not easily perceivable. Capital of the Roman Empire in the West, it still preserves the remains of the Imperial walls and its impressive circus, even if great part of the Roman city is still concealed under its surface. For several centuries it dominated events in Northern Italy experiencing the eras and costumes shaped by its leaders, the Visconti and Sforza families and later Spanish, Austrian and French rulers, never losing its identity. Milano was, from the Middle Ages to the beginning of the 1900s, a small Venice, characterized by a network of artificial water canals that so fascinated Italian and foreign intellectuals and that are still visible today in alluring, Romantic corners. And yet Milan does not lack in examples of futuristic architecture, like the new generation skyscrapers recently built in the Garibaldi district, which have earned prestigious international recognition.

What to do in Milan

Undoubtedly, the panorama of Milan is very varied, the urban fabric is strewn with unmissable monuments and exceptional museums among which the Castello Sforzesco and the Pinacoteca Ambrosiana, that treasure works from the great masters, Mantenga, Raffaello, Leonardo, Michelangelo, Caravaggio and many others. Moreover, you can easily find the best of fashion and international design, strolling along its very central “Golden quadrilateral”, or following the traces of the greatest genius of all times, Leonardo Da Vinci, who lived and worked in the city for nearly 20 years. Not only, in Milan you can visit the most copied Opera Theatre in the world, the Scala, contemplating the faces of those composers, musicians and opera singers who, from that same stage, conquered the hearts and souls of their contemporaries, listening to curious anecdotes from their private lives…And for the food lovers, an unmissable date is with the aperitivo ritual, to savour at a sheltered table in the Brera district or in the kaleidoscopic Navigli scene. In addition, for the more demanding palates, the city reserves artisanal pastry shops and starred restaurants in which to taste revisited local dishes or secret traditional recipes, often served in exclusive locations


"Yes, Milan truly is beautiful, my friend, and believe me, sometimes you really need a resolute will to resist its seduction and go on with your work. " Giovanni Verga, 1873.
"Milan is the exact miniature of a great city; in smaller scale it contains all which characterizes great capitals". Iginio Ugo Tarchetti, Racconti fantastici, 1869
"Glorious. More satisfactory to me than St. Peters. Ascended, - far below people in the turrets of open tracery look like flies caught in a cob web. - The groups of angels on points of pinnacles and everywhere. View from summit. Might well host of heaven upon top of Milan cathedral." Hermann Melville, 1857
chapel of San Bernardino alle Ossa (detail)

chapel of San Bernardino alle Ossa (detail)

Sforza Castle

Sforza Castle

Funeral monument of the Countess Isabella Casati Brioschi

Funeral monument of the Countess Isabella Casati Brioschi


Morena Ghilardi

Art Historian and tourist guide Milan-Como

Contact me

Contact me

Please contact me in your native language for more information and to start organizing your tailored tour. You can choose between a tour along Milan’s best or dive into the off-beaten routes, discovering the dark side of the city. If you are an admirer of Leonardo da Vinci, you can follow the traces throughout the city. Choosing to visit Milan, you may prefer a tour focused on design, fashion and food or just take it all in and fully enjoy the city, experiencing the different districts. Moreover, only a few km away from Milan, you’ll have the chance to see the wonderful lake Como, a worldwide famous holidays location, whose unique scenery has been charming celebrities for centuries.
Travelling with an expert local guide makes everything possible, structuring your personalised tour to experience the real thing as a “temporary citizen”!


Por favor entre em contato na sua língua nativa para mais informações e para montarmos o tour perfeito para você.
Você pode escolher um tour para conhecer o melhor de Milão, ou aquele considerando aquilo que está fora dos roteiros tradicionais, para conhecer o outro lado da cidade. Caso seja um grande fã de Leonardo Da Vinci, você pode seguir suas marcas deixadas por toda a cidade. Além disso, em Milão você pode preferir um passeio focado em design, moda, alimentos ou apenas misturar todos os tópicos para desfrutar plenamente a cidade, escolhendo algo a partir de diferentes bairros. Ainda, a apenas alguns quilômetros de Milão, você pode conhecer o maravilhoso lago de Como, o mundialmente famoso recanto de férias, cujo cenário único tem atraído diversas celebridades ao longo dos anos.
Viajar com um guia local especializado torna qualquer opção possível, viabilizando o planejamento de uma viagem exclusiva para você experimentar locais reais como um “cidadão temporário”!


Contactez-moi (en français) pour recevoir plus d’informations et plus de détails sur le tour.
Milan vous offre plusieurs possibilités: choisissez ce qui vous convient le mieux! Que vous en soyez à votre première visite, préférant par exemple un parcours consacré aux monuments incontournables, ou que vous soyez déjà des habitués et que vous optiez pour une visite guidée du Milan insolite et secret.
On peut aussi prévoir un tour qui vous mènera sur les traces de Léonard de Vinci … Il a vécu presque 20 ans à Milan !  Ou encore faire une promenade dans un quartier insoupçonné ou romantique, sans oublier la possibilité de découvrir la ville au travers de la grande cuisine milanaise! En plus, Il vous est possible de mélanger plusieurs choix, à votre convenance, pour vous offrir une visite… sur mesure!
Enfin, à 45 km au Nord de Milan, vous aurez aussi la chance de voir le merveilleux paysage du lac de Côme, réputé dans le monde entier pour la beauté de ses villas et de ses jardins, qui ont conquis le coeur de plusieurs célébrités au cours des siècles. Voyager avec un guide professionnel vous offre l’avantage de découvrir le territoire local de manière originale et ludique, en vivant une expérience unique qui vous rapproche de la perspective autochtone, pour devenir un “citoyen temporaire” d’Italie!


Per avere maggiori informazioni e dettagli sui tour in italiano, contattatemi attraverso il sito, sicuramente troveremo la visita guidata adatta a voi! Milano offre infinite possibilità a chi la scopre per la prima volta passeggiando per i suoi monumenti principali, o a chi preferisce approfondire un argomento specifico, per esempio, il tour sulle orme di Leonardo da Vinci , quello dedicato ai quartieri della moda e del buon cibo o, perché no, optando per un percorso studiato attraverso luoghi insoliti della città. Inoltre, a pochi km da Milano, si trova il meraviglioso Lago di Como, famoso in tutto il mondo per la bellezza del suo paesaggio e per le ville neoclassiche adornate da giardini strepitosi, che hanno conquistato le celebrità di tutti i tempi.
Conoscere questi luoghi con una guida turistica competente e residente sul territorio, vi permetterà di vivere un’esperienza unica, non solo da turista, ma da “cittadino temporaneo”!